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.…"The best part of working with Kitty, aside from her charming and affable manner, is emerging from the experience an immeasurably better writer. Before working with her, I had 40 years of writing and editing behind me in legal and literary non-fiction circumstances, including as a writing coach for attorneys. Her developmental editor evaluation transformed how I approached storytelling and as a result I am champing at the bit to write my next novel. I will be forever grateful for her contributions to my craft."
- Michael J. Coffino, author, ghostwriter
and freelance editor
.…"Collaborating with Kladstrup has been gratifying as well as productive. Her keen sense of character and pacing, coupled with her respectful guidance, elevated my series of novels to the next level. In short, she made me a better writer."
- Miko Johnston, author, A Petal in the Wind series
.…“Kitty Kladstrup is an exceptional editor and has put a nice finish on the last half dozen of my twelve published works that have come out since 1981, including books published by McGraw Hill, John Wiley & Sons and Praeger Publishing. She’s a true pro, personable and will elevate anyone’s work. And, every writer needs a great editor; just ask Ernest Hemingway.”
- Hoyt Barber, Author/International Financial Advisor
.…“Kitty Kladstrup is a joy to work with. She reviewed my feature film screenplays and gave me outstanding feedback. Her positive energy and enthusiasm about my work was inspiring!”
- Scott Forslund, writer-producer-director
.…“Kitty Kladstrup edited my two published novels, and it was a wonderful experience for me. Kitty is a superb editor with a fine eye for both structure and content. Her suggestions were always tactful but direct, and every one of them improved the novels. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone needing a skilled, diplomatic editor.”
- Bonnie Schroeder, author
.…“I required a talented editor to help edit several of my medical papers, both technical and research work, over three years. Kitty then polished them for presentation to the English-speaking world. She proved invaluable.”
- Dr. Ben Brotons
.…“During ten years now I’ve utilized Kitty Kladstrup for editing and commentary for my work; she also provided the final edit to my published book. Her thoughtful comments and tips encouraged me; she contributed greatly.”
- John F. Weber, Esq
.…"Ms. Kladstrup has edited all my novels, and I wouldn’t think of putting a book out into the world until she’s applied her editing-eye to the manuscript. She’s not only excellent at copy editing, but she also finds sentence structure, grammatical conventions, word overuse and repetition, etc.—items an author often doesn't see. And she does all of these editing catches “within” my writer’s “voice.” She helps me write in my own style better—and accurately.”
- M.M. Gornell, author
.…“Ms. Kladstrup edited my novel and then passed me to one of her freelance screenwriter-filmmakers to help shape and edit my screenplay adaptation, which I’ve just optioned. They know what they’re doing.”
- Alexander Orsly, screenwriter